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6490 Hwy 14
Ravenna, OH, 44266


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Youth Events


January 27: Parent Meeting

February 15-17: Youth Retreat

March 23: Middle School Event

April 21: Easter Skit for JBF

April 26-27: 30 Hour Famine

April 26-27: 30 Hour Famine (High school only)

  • Time: 7pm (begin fast at 8am)-3pm (break fast at 2pm)

  • No cost

  • Focus: the physically & starving people of the world

  • This event is a food fast not a water fast. Because of the 30 hour duration of the fast, 100% juices and emergency snacks will be available. Leaders will closely monitor water intake.

Questions on an event? Call George at 330.297.0803 x111