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6490 Hwy 14
Ravenna, OH, 44266


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Youth Events


January 27: Parent Meeting

February 15-17: Youth Retreat

February 23- Loaves & Fishes

March 30: Middle School Event

April 21: Easter Skit for JBF

April 28: 30 Hour Famine

Youth Retreat

  • Cost: $40 per student

  • Deadline to register and pay: January 27

  • Registration is closed

  • Download medical release form

  • Location: Hocking Hills, Ohio

  • Leaving: Friday, February 15, 6pm @ PCC

  • Returning: Sunday, February 17, 2pm @ PCC

  • Special items to bring: Swimming suit, beach towel. Depending on weather we will either be sledding or hiking as an activity on Saturday. Students should bring appropriate outdoor clothes for either of those activities6

Things to think about in preparation:

1- Why are you going on this retreat?

2- Pray that God will prepare your heart for this intentional time.

3- Target potential distractions and take them out before they become a barrier.

Questions for youth in preparation:

1- If we were to build the Church only based on the Bible what would it look like?

2- What does an appropriate relationship with God actually look like? What does the Bible prescribe?

3- What is God looking for from us?

4- What would churches look like if we each took stewardship seriously and stopped being consumers?

5- How often do you think about he care of others vs. the care of yourself?

6- While not looking for suffering, are you ready and willing to suffer for Christ? How do you actually prepare for that?

7- What would you look like if you resembled one who was confident in your faith and unafraid?

Questions on an event? Call George at 330.297.0803 x111