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Heading around the First Curve and looking ahead

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Heading around the First Curve and looking ahead

Rebecca Miller

We haven't quite met the January timeline goal that we'd planned for but we continue to make progress towards the total $250,000.

We haven't quite met the January timeline goal that we'd planned for but we continue to make progress towards the total $250,000.

The end of January marked a milestone in our First Curve challenge:  the 1 year mark of the 18-month time frame.  Our goal was to have $187,500 by this point, a timeline marker to help us reach $250,000 by June/July of 2016. The bad news is that we didn't meet that goal. But the good news is that it was, after all, an arbitrary timeline goal AND, as of  the end of March, we have $ 139,552, over halfway to the total amount. Don't be discouraged; the journey around the curve is about faith and continuing to move while not being able to see too far ahead. And, if you're not giving, pray about how God wants you to be involved.

Where are we now with the projects? We own 20 acres for the second and third Rahab Ministries safe houses and are continuing to pay that (interest-free) loan balance. PCC is part of a 3-church partnership; Grace Church (Bath) and Christ Community Chapel (Hudson) are each committed to the construction of one safe house. As the blueprints and construction timelines progress and as our partner churches give funds, we'll keep you posted on the progress.

We have the $20,000 to jump-start the missions general fund in hand and leadership is working on a priority list of missionary support - which missionaries we can bring on with regular monthly support and which of our existing missionaries need an increase in the monthly amount we send. You can keep track of the missions general giving (and regular giving) in the weekly bulletin. General missions giving was $761 for the month of March.

We continue to investigate and work through clearing title records on the land in the western part of Ravenna (city) that may be available for the homeless ministry. Our attorney and the Title company trying to determine if the land has encumbrances and what can be done to clear them in order to purchase the parcels. Pray for a clear path to this land if this is the parcel God wants us to use. Pastor Mark is also meeting with city officials and together they're investigating the best way to work out the homeless housing - from operating oversight to what kind of housing will be best. He's also talking with and investigating other homeless ministries to see how they operate and glean from their experience. Although the land for a homeless ministry hasn't fully materialized right now, we at PCC can't sit and wait. We need to move ahead with the rest of the details on how the ministry will operate and have faith that God will resolve the land opportunity in His timing.

Each of us needs to travel around the curves in our own lives just like this curve at PCC - moving ahead despite our inability to see more than a little bit in front, trusting that God has a plan and our job is to obey and follow. As we continue to travel around First Curve, listen to God's voice, take the individual steps that he asks you to take, and let's all keep moving forward to accomplish His plan!