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6490 Hwy 14
Ravenna, OH, 44266


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First Curve

First Curve was a faith challenge to the people of Portage Community Chapel; a challenge to step out in faith and give to three goals that we know God has put in front of our church: help house the homeless, help victims of human trafficking, and increase faith missions giving.

Why did we call it First Curve? Because moving ahead in faith is like traveling around a bend in the road and a curve - you can't see what's coming, you can only see where you are at the moment and keep moving ahead, bit by bit, knowing that God knows where He's asking you to go and He knows that the end result will be good, because it's for His glory. 

The total goal was $250,000; $180,000 for land to house abused and trafficked women, $50,000 to provide housing for the homeless, and $20,000 to increase missions outreach. We started First Curve in January, 2015 with the goal to give the total amount by June, 2016. It took a little longer but we reached that goal in September, 2017!

First Curve was a really big goal - but we have a God who is not limited by size!  During the challenge, God provided the property and vision for what is now The Haven of Portage County and we are excited to see what God will do through The Haven and how he will use us for His glory in our community.