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6490 Hwy 14
Ravenna, OH, 44266




CONNECT is a series of class sessions that introduce (connect) you to who we are at Portage Chapel. CONNECT will help you understand what we're all about and explain our Know It, Live It, Give It Away philosophy in practical detail. It's not necessary to take the Connect classes before taking other courses in the Berean School, but it is worthwhile to understand our core values and mission from the start. The CONNECT classes are also a prerequisite to membership.

  • CONNECT 1- gives an overview of the Know it, Live it, Give it away principles. We cover lifelong learning, ministries, the culture of community, and our mission.

  • CONNECT 2- Covers detail on the Know it principle: our values, what a walk with God looks like, The Berean School of Theology and Practical Christian Living, how our church works

  • CONNECT 3- Covers the Live it principle: biblical community and LIFE in Christ. It covers life groups, leadership, instruction, fellowship and evangelism, following the generosity of Jesus. This session also covers the Give it Away principle: our message, sharing, local and global initiatives/missions, SHAPE and your design.

We run 3 sessions of CONNECT each year. Use the form below to register for a session.

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Please choose the dates you wish to attend. Each session consists of 3 consecutive classes, held during Sunday morning worship hours.