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Bible studies

Be prepared to share your opinions and thoughts as well as Scripture that confirms our topics and the things we discuss.

Topic 11/14: Conversion, Justification, Adoption, & Sanctification

  1. For those who “know”, why do people not put their trust in Jesus?

  2. How can we increase our trust in God? How can we better know Him?

  3. Did you feel a sincere sorrow for sin when you first came to Christ?

  4. How long was it before you noticed a change in your pattern of life after being born again?

  5. Is it possible for someone to genuinely trust in Christ for forgiveness of sins without also repenting for sins?

  6. What is involved in true repentance?

  7. How would you explain justification to a non-Christian or someone in the Roman Catholic faith?

  8. Have you ever wondered if God is still continuing to punish you from time to time for sins you have done in the past?

  9. What are the privileges that come with adoption as sons/daughters of God?

  10. Has your relationship with your own human family become better or more difficult as a result of your becoming a Christian?

  11. What are true attributes of our perfect heavenly Father? How can our view of human fathers taint our view of God?

  12. How can we better appreciate, help, encourage our brothers and sisters in the Church?

  13. How can we better eliminate competition and encourage community with other churches?

  14. Do you sense the Holy Spirit within you bearing witness with your spirit that you are a child of God?

  15. Over the past few years of your Christian life, have you seen a pattern of definite growth in sanctification?

  16. What are some things that you used to delight in which no longer interest you?

  17. What are some things that you used to have no interest in that now hold great interest for you?

  18. What areas of your intellect that still needs quite a bit of growth in sanctification?

  19. What emotions still need quite a bit of growth in sanctification?

  20. Are there areas where you have struggled for years to grow in sanctification, but with no progress at all in your life?