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6490 Hwy 14
Ravenna, OH, 44266



Berean School


We started the Berean School of Theology and Practical Christian Living  to help people better prepare for ministry, leadership, and missions. We also recognized the need to offer coursework for people wanting to go deeper in Biblical and spiritual knowledge.

Courses in the Berean School are classified into 3 areas:  CONNECT, Berean Ministry Training, and Berean Leadership Training.  Each level builds and deepens in knowledge. In order to participate and lead in ministry at PCC, some level of course completion is required.


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Connect is the course to take if you want to get to know PCC. It's also required for membership. 


Berean Ministry Training

Berean Ministry Training classes may be audited or taken at the certificate level to earn the Berean Ministry Training Certificate. Once you have earned the certificate, you may be offered an opportunity to pursue a particular ministry or be challenged to help in the ministry of the School itself. If full-time missions is in your future you may present the mission to the leadership and make the request to have Portage Community Chapel become your sending church once you have completed this level of training. 


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